Kind Words

I have the best clients and community. What a privilege it is to serve each and every one!

From Coaching and Editing Clients:

“Thank you again for your compassionate and insightful way of being with this work...the best choice I've made in this project was reaching out to you.” – Tracy Chipman, author of Borealis Mundi: Resting in Place, Loss, and Grace


“You made the [non-fiction book proposal] journey so much easier; it was flowing from one section to another gracefully. Your loving guidance and trust in me and my book inspired me to give it more than I thought possible. And I loved how your expertise enhanced my shitty first drafts; you showed me how to do it, and eventually my shitty first drafts came out as almost finished text. That was a miracle, to learn and evolve so much during the process: it was a bonus I didn't expect!” – Elina Puohiniemi, writer and illustrator


“Your edits are EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!! Thanks so much!  I just went over this story and your comments, and reminded myself again how important it is to have expert eyes on these drafts!! And I laughed at some of the silly mistakes! Your changes have really made the translations much, much better.” – Dr. Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz, translator and editor of Paciencia Perdida: An Anthology of Peruvian Fiction

From the BookLove Letter Community:

“I'm always so happy to see you in the inbox. Because I can take a moment to stop and actually reflect about something I adore: reading. You are a brilliant, heartfelt, fully present writer. I have never looked forward to reading an email as much as I look forward to yours!” –Jeannie

“I love your newsletters. They're gentle, hopeful, and a reminder to me that life shouldn't be grasped in a chokehold but just tenderly hugged.” –Christine

“Your post moved me, and made me tear up. Again, I find myself wishing I could get every single person on earth to read your emails. We’d be so much better off!” –Lynne